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The U.S. Military Believes People Have a Sixth Sense

Will the Navy’s contemporary work on “sensemaking,” the continuous effort to understand the connections among people, places, and events, finally unlock the mystery of ESP? Might technology available to today’s defense scientists reveal hypotheses not available to scientists in an earlier age?


New CIA Document Reveals Carl Jung Accused the Air Force of Withholding Information on UFOs


“I would like to point out that Dr. Jung is not the first person of integrity and reputation who has made such charges. He is merely the latest.” –from a declassified document written by a “Fred A. Kirsch”


Are These the Worst Ghosts of 2016?

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Hayley Stevens of has been choosing the worst ghosts to make headlines every year since 2011. Here, she calls out what she believes to be the worst to get press coverage from all of 2016.

That Time the CIA was Convinced a Self-Proclaimed Psychic Had Paranormal Abilities

From The Washington Post

The Central Intelligence Agency this week announced that it had posted more than 12 million pages of declassified documents online.

The documents posted online this week were previously available to the public, according to a CIA news release, but anyone who wanted to check out the files had to visit the National Archives Records Administration in Maryland and view them in person. The records cover a load of different of topics, including CIA history, the Cold War, the Berlin Tunnel project, and the “STAR GATE remote viewing program files.”

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think there is any acceptance of or use of the paranormal in our government as a whole? 

Israeli-born Uri Geller and his spoon-bending act. Image courtesy of




Birth of a Paranormal Investigator

By Rodney Grundmeyer

I have always been a skeptic when it came to the paranormal. I guess you can say that my skepticism was a direct result of my long career in law enforcement. I served over 22 years in the law enforcement career field. Most of which was served down in Louisiana. During my time in service, I had an experience that changed my life forever.

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My First Ghost Hunt-Hope Hill Cemetery

By Benjamin

During High School on occasion my friends and I would go to areas that were supposed to be hot spots for paranormal activity. We didn’t have a ghost box, an EMF detector or any other tools of the trade, but we would go late at night with flashlights to look around for anything that confirmed the stories we had heard…often while some people in the group stayed back in the car. The area we lived in, West Tennessee, has a long memory, and we were familiar with multiple spots within driving distance of our hometown, Huntingdon, TN.

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Unexplained Mysteries

A website with some good material.

Reddit Users Reveal Their Most DISTURBING Paranormal Experience

Talking to Spirits So They’ll Listen

by Leah

Have you ever been interrogated? By the police, your parents, your boss? No one likes to be talked to in this manner. Well, someone might, but that’s a different thing altogether – if you know what I mean. (Another blog for another time…)

Imagine being stuck in a place that you simply cannot leave. You’ve got no family or friends around you. You see the same old scenery every day. You have a story to tell, but no one even knows you’re there, so how can they listen? It’s like being trapped—on an operating table, in a coma—and you can see and hear everything that’s going on around you, but no one even knows you are there. Or that you even exist.

In my mind, that’s how I imagine spirits feel. Continue reading “Talking to Spirits So They’ll Listen”

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